Mentoring in Cybersecurity Leadership

February 9, 2024

Odd that this seems like such a strange concept in cybersecurity industry, but a couple thoughts. Nothing ground breaking, really.

I understand the importance of having a strong cybersecurity and technical expertise on my teams. Protecting our organization’s data and assets is critical for maintaining our reputation and ensuring the success of our operations.

To ensure that my teams have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage cybersecurity risks, I make sure that team members get all the training they need including play time to explore and try out crazy things. This is a less formal approach but privides my teams with hands-on experience and practical knowledge that they can apply in their daily work. This benefits everyone!

I also encourage my team members to stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices by attending conferences, workshops, and other relevant events. If your cybersecurity folks aren’t attending hacker conventions, and having a great time, you need to do something different. I make sure that management supports this approach and provides the time and money to back it up. This not only helps team members develop a strong foundation of technical expertise and stay informed about emerging threats and vulnerabilities, but provides more opportunity for expanding their skills and bring things back that adds value to the enterprise.

I also am happy to share my technical knowledge and skills, it’s exciting to see an analyst’s face light up when they realizing something that had been puzzling them suddenly make sense. That provide me fulfilment and joy, provides them new knowledge to explore, and provides the oranization with a better team both from an expertise standpoint and a morale standpoint.

Please mentor, it’s fun!

-David L.